Student Testimonials

Student Comments About the Instructor & The Course:

"Manijeh was very effective in bringing more peace, self-kindness and happiness to my daily life." Martin Buchler


"After a few courses, I have seen a tremendous shift in myself in how I relate to others and what I will let influence my well-being. I have a tangible practice in how to be kind with myself first and foremost as well as give off the same. I view things from a different lens and it seems so much clearer." anonymous


"Manijeh is an incredible instructor. Her ability to tune in to the group and not talk "over" our heads was very helpful in learning mindfulness techniques. I will take any class that she taught."


"The instructor is awesome. The teacher brought a sense of peace, calm and humor to the class."


"The instructor is very knowledgeable. She had constructive answers for every question asked."


"I have attended Manijeh’s MAPS1 class as well as her Obstacles class. I just signed up for my third class, “Deepening Your Practice.” Being a person who resides “in my head” I am learning to be more mindful of my body, emotions, and senses, all in the present moment. Manijeh is a wonderful teacher who draws upon her own experiences to make the curriculum practical and real for our everyday life. She is warm and caring, and makes the classes fun. I recommend her classes for anyone who wants to explore aiming for a more fulfilling life."
Susan P--Woodland Hills


"Thank you Manijeh. Last night I did the 12 minute meditation after I emailed you and also went through the RAIN steps and applied the loving kindness exercise. It helped a lot. Channeling positive thoughts for a difficult person really helps to let go of the negative energy. It feels like finally coming to a place of forgiveness, compassion or maybe just finding peace again. This exercise was great for that.


"When I woke up this morning I thought about the situation again and the feelings came right back. I went through the practice again and it helped to release the energy. I read your email this morning and found it so true what you said about our minds keeping things long after they are gone in memory. It was like it stored the images and associated negative feelings on a hard drive ready to be recalled at the flip of a switch to start the imaginary battle all over again. Thanks for the great lesson and your words. Have a good weekend!"


Part II: OBstacles Class

Hi Manijeh,
Thank you so much for the great resource you have been for me in my journey through and with Mindfulness meditation. I am simply amazed at the profound difference it made in my life, and true to the theme of the last lesson filled with gratitude.

You are insightful, and encouraging, yet come with no expectations, making you a very powerful, yet gentle and kind guide.

We will be seeing each other for as long as you want to be involved in the training of mindfulness.

Joseph Sh.

I highly recommend Manijeh's Obstacles course which is a good "next course" after MAPS1.
It is a great course because I can now meditate longer and ruminate and worry much less when an obstacle comes up in my life. Through the six weeks of the course, we deal with obstacles in meditation and in life. Her message is great: be playful and all strive towards happiness.

Michael B.


I have learned more in the six weeks of this class than I have learned in many years of therapy. I had a few A-HA moments that I will take with me - My awareness is now open - What a great experience. So excited as I learned to keep my eyes on the happiness and be playful.

"Thx to Manijeh Motaghy, my meditation teacher, I manage not to stress. Today I got home after a doctor's appt. and x ray, with 3 prescriptions. I did a few things then went to take my meds…couldn't find them! I took a deep breath, walked back all my steps, including going back to my car, still couldn't find them. I took another deep breath and told myself they are definitely here…finally found them, had put the bags down and put something on top of them…the whole point is I stayed calm! (not my usual reaction). It IS possible not to stress!"
Stanzi Stokes