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"It was exactly a year ago that I took my first MAPs course with Dr. Motaghy. I am still in disbelief about how much wellness, inner-balance and peace the practice of Mindfulness Meditation has given me. I am exceptionally grateful for our instructor Manijeh and I strongly believe that taking classes at Mindful Valley is one of the most worthwhile, kind and loving things that we can do for ourselves".

~ Arpi Isayan,

"I have been practicing Mindfulness for 2 years now and it has really helped with my fibro. It is a huge help in many areas of my life….I have the best mindful meditation teacher…Dr. Manijeh Motaghy. If you want to learn mindful meditation, I highly recommend her!"

~ Stanzi Stokes,

"I find our teacher, Manijeh, to be very insightful and wise. She is truly invested in the betterment of her students practice. She is consistently seeking methods to tackle her students obstacles to their practice. Her teaching in loving/kindness and others stand out."

~ Laura Casserly,


Thank you Manijeh. Last night I did the 12 minute meditation after I emailed you and also went through the RAIN steps and applied the loving kindness exercise. It helped a lot. Channelling positive thoughts for a difficult person really helps to let go of the negative energy. It feels like finally coming to a place of forgiveness, compassion or maybe just finding peace again. This exercise was great for that. When I woke up this morning I thought about the situation again and the feelings came right back. I went through the practice again and it helped to release the energy. I read your email this morning and found it so true what you said about our minds keeping things long after they are gone in memory. It was like it stored the images and associated negative feelings on a hard drive ready to be recalled at the flip of a switch to start the imaginary battle all over again.

Thanks for the great lesson and your words.

~ Scott C.

Part II: Obstacles Class

I highly recommend Manijeh's Obstacles course which is a good "next course" after MAPS1. It is a great course because I can now meditate longer and ruminate and worry much less when an obstacle comes up in my life. Through the six weeks of the course, we deal with obstacles in meditation and in life. Her message is great: be playful and allways strive towards happiness.

~ Michael B.

I have learned more in the six weeks of this class than I have learned in many years of therapy. I had a few A-HA moments that I will take with me - My awareness is now open - What a great experience. So excited as I learned to keep my eyes on the happiness and be playful.

~ Student

“Employees who have taken this program have returned to work with a renewed sense of commitment and empowerment. They learned methods of thinking and behaving that they could then apply on the job immediately and maintain it.

"The results from this seminar are that employees meet every day with increased enthusiasm, productivity and better decision-making and judgement. I highly recommend this seminar for your employees."

~ Jan Ricciardelli, HR Director, Richards & Associates

“Daniel brings peace, wisdom, and a sense of playfulness into our group. It feels good just having him in the room.

"You are working on a project that is of vital importance in our society. Too many "leaders" in our culture measure success only in terms of financial gain--that is too short a view for sustaining long-term success. Your work adds to the whole value to society of the work that is done. Good on you and Daniel."

~ Philip Henderson – Leadership and Ethics Coach

"Although I have attended other meditation classes at WeSpark, my experience with Manijeh and Daniel was a thousand times better. The other teacher was like dry toast in comparison. The other class was just that a class.

"The experience with Daniel and Manijeh was like going on a field trip with the class. Thank you for bringing them to WeSpark."

~ Annie York

“Thanks, Daniel, I appreciate your style of teaching; i.e., bringing mindful meditation to a basic, practical level. Your approach to meditation is very down-to-earth, which I easily relate to.

“No pretensions, no ego-centered recitations; you're a "what you see is what you get" kind of guy. Thank you for your guidance.”

~ Mary Trout

“Daniel's enthusiasm, commitment and humor made this class not only informative and inspiring, but fun too!

“He is extremely patient and open, making his class comfortable and safe.”

~ Alex Scarlis

“Daniel's class was moving, motivating and entertaining. As both individuals and as a couple, we feel our lives have definitely taken a turn in a new and exciting direction.”

~ Vicki & Steve Davis

"Manijeh presented a highly engaging workshop to a group I lead the Job Search Special Division of the American Society for Training and Development, Los Angles (ASTD-LA). The group, which consists of job seekers and career changers, benefited from the numerous, highly practical and logical strategies she shared.

"She was very clear in communicating her approach, which encouraged us to run job search--and our jobs--"like a business, not a career."

~ Larry Braman – Job Search Special Division of the American Society for Training and Development, Los Angles

“Daniel teaches from a genuine, open space in his heart, and he is a testament to the power of meditation in helping to navigate the ever changing ‘river of life.’”

~ Sara Chacko

“Thank you for the care you took with Miles, our 11 year old son, at your meditation class.

“He told a friend of ours today that he liked the class because he liked you!”

~ Kimberly Clark

"I felt this class was well worth my time, that I received a very good understanding of what Mindfulness is all about, and that Manijeh gave good reading materials I can fall back on.

"I have already felt the effects of the mediation in that I have calmed down quite a bit since I started taking the class and I'm not taking life so seriously as I did before. Excellent class and excellent teacher!"

~ Carolyn-Cousin Goldman

“Mr. Davis provides a wonderful pathway to reenter the world of meditation. His process is simple and soothing, and his stories have a grounding effect.”

~ Andrea Brandt

“Your instruction is bringing an increasing awareness of the benefits gained from self-acceptance instead of self-flagellation.

“It's tiresome to be in the "fight or flight" mode. I have been more aware of keeping an open heart, towards myself and others. The different aspects of meditation practice brought out in class are blending together in one cosmic soup (I couldn't resist that).

“Your work is important, Daniel, to bless a world in need of healing.”

~ Anonomous

“Daniel Davis is a great teacher. After just two classes, my life is already better.”

~ Randy Kramer

“Even if you were to never meditate again after the course was over it would still be worth taking just because Daniel is such an entertaining teacher.

“If you are even a little bit interested in learning what meditation is all about, I highly recommend this course.”

~ Shawn Van Valkenburgh

“Thank you again for your skillful and caring guidance with our class of new
mindfulness meditation students. I very much appreciated your willingness to share so much of your own personal experiences with living a mindful life. It made it very real for me.

“I feel like my life is beginning to change in a very major and positive way.”

~ Valerie Jespersen-Wheat

“I want to let you know that I think you are one of the best meditation instructors
that I have had. I have taken many classes at Insight LA, and no one teaches as thorough as you do. I was very impressed.”

~ Beverly Nunez

“Daniel, thank you for class tonight and for sharing so much of yourself. Many of your experiences resonated deeply with me and, for the first time in a very long time, I feel a little more hopeful.”

~ Isabel Satra

“I had the opportunity to attend Daniel's beginning meditation class that concluded last week in Santa Monica.

“I wanted to share my appreciation for his kindness, insightfulness and patience in working with those of us who are new to the practice. It was a wonderful class.”

~ Carolyn O’Brien

“This was my introduction to meditation and your class made it easy.

“I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about meditation or improving their skills. Thanks for a wonderful class.”

~ Bob Norman

“Before this class, I had done a little meditation here and there, and been convinced that it could be quite wonderful. However, I never did anything to learn meditation in a systematic way.

“After 6 weeks, I've begun a practice. Thanks to Daniel's kind and thorough teaching, I have a beginning mind, and a path to follow in meditation. I am profoundly grateful.”

~ Vivian Gold

“I found the class to be very enlightening. It made me think about things I otherwise didn't consider. It also provided me with a lot of practical tools to use in my everyday life. I look forward to continuing on with my mindful meditation.”

~ Bill Ackerman

“I am enjoying the practice, the quieting of the mind, the falling like a pebble into stillness, and so I keep trying, and like the idea that I just have to sit, don't have to try.

“And I love the idea of mindfulness all the time, a practice or discipline of awareness. It is good to be a beginner.”

~ Jane Robbins

“Just wanted to thank you for the past six weeks and for sharing so openly and honestly with us about your own experiences.

“After taking your class, I feel that I have the foundation and motivation to move on with my practice, hopefully for the rest of my life.”

~ Anonymous

“Spending only a couple of hours in Daniel's class was of great benefit to
my fledging practice. I am grateful to Daniel for helping me integrate
mindfulness into my life, and the seed he planted seems to grow each and every day.”

~ Diane Sherry Case

“Hey Daniel, Thanks again for today, the lesson was fantastic and I can't wait to include the practice into my future life in college up north.”

~ Dylan Clark
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"The difference between a teacher and a mentor is that a mentor is interested in our soul."

~ Robert A. Johnson

Thx to Manijeh Motaghy, my meditation teacher, I manage not to stress. Today I got home after a doctor's appt. and x ray, with 3 prescriptions. I did a few things then went to take my meds…couldn't find them! I took a deep breath, walked back all my steps, including going back to my car, still couldn't find them. I took another deep breath and told myself they are definitely here…finally found them, had put the bags down and put something on top of them…the whole point is I stayed calm! (not my usual reaction). It IS possible not to stress!!